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“Without skilled attorneys by your side, you can expect prosecutors to treat you and your case as another win for their legal career. The legal system is currently broken… you need to utilize every single opportunity that is available and expose any and all groundless arguments or you may be found guilty, even if you’re innocent.”

Attorney Randy Collins

With so much on the line, you cannot put your future in jeopardy by employing an unskilled legal representative. Randy Collins finished with honors from the prominent University of Notre Dame and went to one of the very best law schools: Boston College Law School. He pursues each individual’s case with an aggressive defense that is unrivaled and supplies each client with legal options that other domestic violence defense lawyers might not know how to utilize.

The priceless benefits of having a previous DA district attorney in your corner.

Randy Collins was formerly the District Attorney for the County of Riverside. He has a personal understanding of the inner functions of the prosecution, giving him a special ability to understand their actions and stay a step ahead. His close relationships established throughout his time as the D.A. has given him tools that Randy utilizes on behalf of his clients to help get charges dropped and provide leverage to help obtain favorable plea deals when preventing a conviction is not a realistic option.

Outstanding lawyer ranking, A+ from BBB, and 10 best client satisfaction

Randy has been ranked 9.9 out of 10 by AVVO.com, a site relied-upon by countless defendants to offer trustworthy evaluations of lawyers in the field of criminal justice. Randy and the Law Offices of Randy Collins have likewise been acknowledged as an A+ domestic violence defense law practice by the Better Business Bureau and American Institute of Criminal Lawyers’ 10 Best Client Satisfaction recipient.

Trusted by colleges to prepare future protectors of justice.

Lawyer Collins speaks at prominent colleges and is appreciated by his peers in addition to future lawyers at the schools he lectures for.

A relentless pursuit of new defense opportunities and knowledge in the legal field

Lawyer Collins participates in legal workshops created to keep the very best domestic violence defense attorneys notified of developing legal defenses, brand-new cases, and brand-new laws. If there are brand-new laws that impact his clients, Randy Collins makes certain that he is aware and prepared to utilize brand-new law modifications to his clients’ benefit in court.

Driven by a mission to provide the best defense

Domestic violence defense and the basic defense of individuals’s rights in the criminal justice system is not simply a task to lawyer Collins, it is his life’s purpose. He fully devotes himself to each and every individual’s case that he represents, providing the time and commitment necessary to make sure the very best possible defense is provided.

Mobile phone availability after hours and on weekends for your assurance

Randy responds to customers calls after hours and on weekends due to the fact that he cares and he wants to make sure every client feels safe and secure. Being confronted with domestic violence charges is scary. Randy understands that you are stressed over your future and takes your issues seriously and provides an unrivaled level of personal care to help you during your difficult time.

Stop worrying, get help now

Lawyer Randy Collins understands exactly what prosecutors pursue because he was one. Call Randy today at 888-250-2865 and discover exactly what the Law Offices of Randy Collins can do to safeguard your rights. Arrests that happened within San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County immediately get approved for a complimentary case examination.

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Why Defendants Hire Attorney Randy Collins

  • Experience As A Former Prosecutor
  • AICLA 10 Best Client Satisfaction Recipient
  • Superb Ratings & Reviews
  • Availability After Hours & on Weekends
  • History of Successful Outcomes

If you have been arrested (or fear that you will be) due to an accusation of domestic abuse, call The Law Offices of Randy Collins at (888) 250-2865. You can set an appointment for our Riverside, Fullerton, Newport Beach or Santa Ana office locations.

The Law Office of Randy Collins defends clients against all domestic violence crimes.

The following offenses are commonly charged crimes in California:

Corporal Injury to Spouse

Although people in the legal system frequently shorten the name of the crime to “corporal injury to spouse,” section 273.5 of the California Penal Code applies when the alleged victim falls into any of the categories listed above. The offense can be charged when the use of physical force results in any bodily injury, whether minor or serious. A cut or bruise is enough to transform a battery into the more serious crime of causing corporal injury. Prosecutors have discretion to charge corporal injury to spouse as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Most prosecutors prefer to charge it as a felony, particularly when the injury is more than trifling.

Violation of Protective Orders

protective order (sometimes called a “restraining order”) is issued to alleged victims of domestic abuse (including verbal abuse) to protect them from future harm. Protective orders generally prohibit a named individual from committing certain acts, such as contacting the protected person or going to that person’s residence or place of employment. An intentional violation of a protective order is a misdemeanor. Section 273.6 of the California Penal Code doubles the fine and adds a mandatory jail sentence if the violation results in a physical injury.

Domestic Battery

A battery is the use of force or violence against another person. The potential sentence for a misdemeanor battery doubles when it involves one of the alleged victims listed above. Domestic battery under section 243(e) of the California Penal Code does not require proof of a physical injury. Shoving a domestic partner is enough to result in a domestic battery arrest.

Other Offenses

Other Orange County crimes, such as making criminal threats, are generally punished more harshly when the alleged victim is or was in a domestic relationship with the accused. Additional crimes that might be committed against family members, including sex offenses, elder abuse, and child abuse, are addressed in separate laws that also create the possibility of severe punishment.

Experience. Passion. Results.

“Representing criminal defendants is not my job, it is my calling. No matter what your circumstances are you can count on us to treat you like family, take care of everything, and fight vigorously on your behalf.”

-Attorney Randy Collins

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