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When you're facing DV charges, hiring a skilled defense lawyer in California can have a dramatic impact on your ability to defend yourself. The penalties for these offenses can result in loss of employment, time in jail and prison, huge fines, and more, not to mention the negative side affects that simply being arrested can have on your future.

Friends, family, and other loved ones are quick to turn their backs on those who have been accused of this offense, regardless of whether or not they are innocent. The Law Offices of Randy Collins has extensive experience assisting defendants facing domestic violence charges specifically and are familiar with many of the judges, prosecutors, and other courtroom staff in Southern California. We've developed a reputation for providing our clients with aggressive defense against the legal system and those who aim to imprison innocent individuals. Our domestic assault attorneys are on YOUR side, and we fight tooth and nail to ensure that YOUR rights are protected and freedoms secured. Our domestic violence law firm will provide you and your case with the experience, skill, and time needed to put you in a great position to be successful. Call (888) 250-2865 today or fill out our contact form to obtain a free case evaluation for your Southern California offense.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys For All Accusations

Many accusations of domestic violence are false. Many others are exaggerated. In nearly every case, there are better ways of resolving domestic abuse issues than the criminal justice system offers. In California, the alleged victim of a DV crime can be:

  • A spouse or former spouse
  • The other parent of the accused's child
  • A current or former "cohabitant" (someone who lived with the accused for a substantial period of time)
  • The accused’s fiancé or fiancée
  • A current or former partner in a dating relationship

The Law Office of Randy Collins defends clients against all domestic violence crimes. The following offenses are commonly charged crimes in California:

Domestic Battery

A battery is the use of force or violence against another person. The potential sentence for a misdemeanor battery doubles when it involves one of the alleged victims listed above. Domestic battery under section 243(e) of the California Penal Code does not require proof of a physical injury. Shoving a domestic partner is enough to result in a domestic battery arrest.

Corporal Injury to Spouse

Although people in the legal system frequently shorten the name of the crime to "corporal injury to spouse," section 273.5 of the California Penal Code applies when the alleged victim falls into any of the categories listed above. The offense can be charged when the use of physical force results in any bodily injury, whether minor or serious. A cut or bruise is enough to transform a battery into the more serious crime of causing corporal injury. Prosecutors have discretion to charge corporal injury to spouse as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Most prosecutors prefer to charge it as a felony, particularly when the injury is more than trifling.

Violation of Protective Orders

A protective order (sometimes called a "restraining order") is issued to alleged victims of domestic abuse (including verbal abuse) to protect them from future harm. Protective orders generally prohibit a named individual from committing certain acts, such as contacting the protected person or going to that person's residence or place of employment. An intentional violation of a protective order is a misdemeanor. Section 273.6 of the California Penal Code doubles the fine and adds a mandatory jail sentence if the violation results in a physical injury.

Other Offenses

Other Orange County crimes, such as making criminal threats, are generally punished more harshly when the alleged victim is or was in a domestic relationship with the accused. Additional crimes that might be committed against family members, including sex offenses, elder abuse, and child abuse, are addressed in separate laws that also create the possibility of severe punishment.

Get Help From Skilled Domestic Assault Attorneys

Accusations are often unfounded. A spouse or domestic partner who calls the police and makes a false report in the heat of the moment may later regret that action, but the prosecutor is likely to believe it is true even if it is later retracted. Exposing the accuser's motivation to lie is often the key to defending a crime of domestic violence. In a domestic relationship, that motivation is usually easy to identify. A spouse might want to gain an advantage in a custody battle, might be acting out of jealousy, or might want to get a lover locked up to pave the way for a new relationship. Self-defense excuses violence in some cases, although the police tend to arrest whichever person calls them first. In other cases, accidental contact is mistaken for a willful act of aggression. When a minor incident of abuse does occur, it is frequently blown out of proportion. Individuals who are accused of deserve fair treatment in the criminal justice system. To avoid being treated as a stereotypical abuser, you need a lawyer who knows how to fight for your rights. Award-winning domestic violence defense attorney Randy Collins is prepared to help you through the ordeal of being charged with a crime.

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