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Fullerton Local Listings

There are a lot of different online attorney listing websites, many of which allow past legal clients to leave reviews of their experience. If you’re a past client and would like to leave a review, or you’d like to see what our past clients have to say about us, click on any of the following links for listings pertaining to our Fullerton office location.

Proven Results.



People v. Bustos


People v. Sawyer


People v. Guadarrama

Our Clients Say

Randy is a great attorney that has helped me out of a bad situation. I refer all of my friends that get in trouble and he has gotten all of their cases either dismissed or reduced significantly. You definitely get what you pay for when you hire this firm.

Chris H
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Get Help From Skilled Domestic Assault Attorneys

If you have been arrested (or fear that you will be) due to an accusation of domestic abuse, call The Law Offices of Randy Collins at (888) 250-2865. You can set an appointment for our Riverside, Fullerton, Newport Beach or Santa Ana office locations.