What to Do When Falsely Accused of Elder Abuse

Confused old man mistakenly making false accusations of elder abuse

Elder abuse is a term that rubs a lot of people the wrong way; instances of these types of offenses being committed at nursing homes have been on the rise, and the accusers involved are often very old individuals with little ability to fully understand the world around them.

These types of offenses often result in maximum penalties due to their especially offensive nature, but for those who face false accusations of elder abuse, the stigma of just being involved can be very damaging.

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There are a lot of situations in which someone who has done nothing wrong becomes charged with committing offenses against a senior.

More often than not, these unfortunate situations arise from seniors suffering from varying forms of degenerative disorders affecting their perception.

These can be especially difficult to prove, often requiring the services of a skilled legal professional to mount a credible defense.

Speak With An Attorney You Trust

No matter what type of elder abuse charges you are facing, speaking with a skilled attorney that you trust is one of the best things that you can do to help your case.

This is because elder abuse defense is a particularly challenging field, and the advice you get from friends and family simply will not apply in most situations.

By speaking with an elder abuse defense lawyer, you can learn more about potential flaws in the prosecution’s case against you, often times through a free confidential evaluation.

Be As Understanding As Possible

A jury is unlikely to believe that a seemingly nice old lady would falsely identify you as an abuser, but you know better. In these situations, it is often better to tread lightly and uphold as much dignity for your accuser as you can, despite the predicament he or she has put you in.

Regardless, speaking to authorities about the situation before speaking to a legal professional could land you in hot water. What you say to authorities could possibly be used against you later in court.

Showing signs of disdain or telling authorities that he or she is crazy may be more damaging than helpful

Work Hard To Have the Charges Dropped

If you are not guilty, there may be multiple opportunities to have the charges against you dropped. An experienced lawyer will be able to help identify the most important evidence that will help exonerate you.

If your prosecutor determines that the facts are not strong enough to secure a conviction, they may choose not to pursue further action against you.

If there is proof that your accuser has made false accusations in the past, or they have a history of mental illness, prosecutors may want to negotiate a plea deal. If the authorities who gathered evidence for your case did not handle it properly, there may also be an opportunity to have it deemed inadmissible.


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  • Joshua Keener

    DSS has for the 2nd time charged me with such a violation. The 1st time it was dropped cause my mother finally escaped their clutches and told the prosecutor the truth that DSS was trying to hush. However their corrupt pursuit continued rather clandestine and now 1.5yrs later the same thing. Sc DSS is a highly corrupt organization proof of which is spotlighted with the Doris Holt a d southern holdings case here. Now I and my mother face this situation and now seek to file a lawsuit against the state for this ongoing harassment which has ruined my life by placing me front page on the local paper with many derogatory comments all of which were purely heresay. Sadly DSS corruption and the courts mismanagement of such cases leaves little comfort.

    • AttorneyRandyCollins

      Hi Joshua. That’s a pretty awful situation. False accusations of elder abuse are extremely common. I’m sorry to hear you’ve become a victim. Good luck.

  • Jeany


    • AttorneyRandyCollins

      Hi Jeany. It sounds like your brother is one of the many who are falsely accused of elder abuse. It is suprisingly common. Your brother may benefit greatly by taking advantage of a free case evaluation from an attorney in his area that he trusts. Other than hiring competent legal representation, there isn’t much that can be done. Please remember that this should not be considered formal legal advice nor does it constitute an attorney client relationship. Good luck Jeany.

  • Casey

    Hello my name is casey two to three years ago i had allegations of abuse against me however department of children and families found it inconclusive and i was considered innocent because i went back to work but now said employer is being sued by the family of the patient and i am required to give deposition and bring materials to said deposition that i cant get my hands on. I am scared and dint know what to do please help

  • David Williams

    I have been falsely accused of elderly abuse by my father. He is a long time bipolar sufferer, with a history of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My father has since retracted his former false statements against me and signed paperwork dropping former charges. The state of Texas has since picked up the case and moving forward. What should I do? How do I handle this situation? I am too poor to afford a lawyer, and too disabled to handle this sort of strain. I can’t seem to get anyone to give a quote over the phone and the judge wants at least 10 quotes from lawyers, my awards letters and financial statements. All this for a court appointed lawyer. I can’t understand why my case has not been dropped.

    • ra232

      I know because a 20 something “Social Worker” nearly drove me to death by her lies. The stuff was so badly done that the government agency saw through the first one in 2 hours. When it did not work the person made up more reprehensive allegations and forced the government to waste a month investigating. I was forced to spent thousands on attorney fees. My mind nearly broke and I was unable to work for over three months. Then after I suffered a total mental breakdown government found the allegation to be unsupported. Meaning there was nothing to it. Meanwhile I nearly died thanks to some 20 year old with no experience and no idea what she was doing. My state legistlators and the Federal government give her immunity so I can do almost nothing. I am seriously thinking of moving away from US. This place is worse than the Soviet Union.

      In my opinion and many I know the whole Social Worker idea should be abolished and the departments must be defunded.

      A parasite has no right to prey on innocent hard working people mostly men. This is what America is becoming.

  • Sage Dennis

    Long story short, my Aunt is abusing my elderly grandmother with dementia. However she has filed a police report against my uncle and mother claiming it is them doing the abuse. If anyone could please point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. I fear if my aunt continues “caring” for my grandmother, she will not live more than a couple more months at the most.

  • ra232

    Social workers are people like the rest of people. They should never be given any kind of immunity. They must follow the law like the rest of us. The legislators and courts which have given them the power to lie and accuse with impunity are ruining the nation.

    When a “Social Worker” lies or makes a mistaken false accusation they are liable. They and the organization that employ them must be held both civil and crimilally responsible. I suggest “Theree strikes” rule. Any organization with three unsubstantiated allegations should be shut down. The person making the allegations and all those above the person should be prosecuted. The minimum penalty must be at least the maximum the victim of their lies or “mistakes” would get. In addition they should have to pay very heavy fines and barred from ever working in that field.

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